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BeemerShop now has two solutions for the R1200RTLC models that are on a "Do Not Ride" status due to a faulty rear shock.
The Tractive option:

It's a plug and play solution which maintains all Dynamic Damping and ESA functions. The engineers at Tractive designed the first ESA systems for BMW. Their chief engineer has been playing with dynamic damping control motors for years and they have a complete DDA shock which will plug into the existing wiring. We transfer your existing ESA II preload motor onto the new Tractive DDA shock and voila! You're back in business with ALL original electronic functions!

Tractive rear shock with full dynamic damping $1495.00.  Includes labor to couple shock with ESA preload motor.

Tractive Shock Features:
The Wilbers option:

Wilbers has just released manually adjustable shocks from their well known "Adjust Line". A resistor box is also supplied which plugs into the bike's wiring to turn off the warning light which appears when you unplug the stock ESA Dynamic shocks. In this case you will have full manual adjustability, but your Dynamic and ESA functions will be disconnected (prices include resistor box):

Wilbers front shock with rebound and manual preload adjust: $698.00.

Wilbers rear 640 model shock with rebound and manual preload adjust: $718.00
With hydraulic preload adjust: $947.00.

Wilbers 642 with piggback reservoir and 3 way damping: $1098.00

With hydraulic preload adjust $1347.00.

Since the defect only applies to the rear shock, you can replace the rear shock only.  The stock dynamic front shock will  function normally.

Click here for the Wilbers flyer:
The original R1200RTLC rear shock is made by Marzocchi/Monroe and has a defect that could cause the piston shaft to break. Over 800 bikes in the USA have been sidelined, and 8000 riders world wide have been told to not ride their bikes!

Through our suspension contacts in Europe, we now have a manual shock solution from Wilbers, and will very soon have a Dynamic/ESA solution from Tractive.
R1200RTLC Do Not Ride Status Solution...
Uses stock ESA II preload motor, maintains full ESA pushbutton electronic preload functionality.
Latest technology DDA Dynamic Damping Adjustment Valve compatible with BMW control unit, no calibration necessary, just plug and play. Retains full dynamic electronic damping functions.
Shock includes wiring with original connector ready to plug in.
Shock is fully rebuildable, 5 year warranty from BeemerShop.
Stainless steel bushings, low friction seals, 16mm CrMo shaft.
Backed by the technical expertise and customer service that Ted Porter and the BeemerShop are widely known for.
Click here for info on Tractive Fully Dynamic
Damping Shock