BMW Airhead Cylinder Head Page

Beemershop is currently specializing in cylinder head reconditioning:

  • Unleaded conversions with only the best materials and decades of experience
  • Exhaust port and spark plug thread repairs
  • Dual plug machining and turn key dual plug ignition kits for every budget
  • Valve size optimizations
  • Combustion chamber modifications for displacement increases
  • Warped head planing

    IMPORTANT* Please read shipping instructions before sending your component to BeemerShop!
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  • Job Pricing:

    We will email an estimate for your approval after we inspect your heads and before we do any work. If you don't have email we will call you. We will ask for your method of payment at the time that you approve the work estimate. This is necessary because so often after the job is finished we spend valuable time trying to reach the customer for payment. We will not charge your card until we are ready to ship. If we find any unexpected problems while the work is being performed we will contact you with the additional costs for your approval before we proceed. Here are some approximate pricing numbers for budgeting purposes:

    • Overhaul heads/unleaded conversion: $750.00/pair plus sales tax on parts only if in CA.
    • Exhaust thread repair: $125.00 each.
    • Spark plug thread repair: depends on condition, varies from $50.00 to $150.00
    • Dual plug machining 12mm or 14mm $125.00/pair
    • Plane warped heads: $75.00/pair
    • Modify small combustion chamber for 1000cc cylinders: $75.00/pair
    • Remove step on cylinder base to fit 81-on Nikasil cylinder onto '76-'80 engine block: $60.00/pair

    Turnaround time:

    You can always see your job progress in our service queue. Generally speaking the jobs are done by date in which is in descending order on the service queue list. You can also see estimated turnaround time on the list. By only focusing on cylinder head work, we can get your heads back to you quickly.

    If you need any additional information, please contact us at: