TracTive eX-PERIENCE Front Shock | R1200GS-LC

TracTive eX-PERIENCE Front Shock | R1200GS-LC

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**TracTive Dynamic (DDA) Plug & Travel ESA shocks are specially designed for the original BMW ESA equipment. This set replaces not only the dampers and springs, but also the BMW ESA equipment, while retaining the original integration into the BMW ESA system**

The engineers at TracTive invented ESA for BMW back in 2005, so you can count on their system functionality. They have stronger and higher quality built ESA conversions, available in standard height as well as 25mm low.

TracTive ESA conversion benefits include:

  • Stainless steel reducer bushings (where the bolts pass through the mounting eyelets). Other companies use aluminum which is a softer material, and can contract or deform shape over time

  • The same reinforced seal head as used in the Touratech Adventure bike shocks (TracTive manufactures shocks for Touratech). This seal head is very robust, provides long life, and rarely develops leaks

  • 16mm induction hardened, chro-moly shafts. 16mm shafts are stronger and flow more oil through the pistons compared to smaller shaft diameters used on different brands

  • Many front shocks have 46mm bodies with the above mentioned 16mm shafts (where space allows). This allows for better cooling compared to the smaller 36mm bodied shocks used by some of the competition

  • TracTive shocks come with their own rebound motors. This means that (in most cases) the front shocks are a complete, ready to bolt in application. For the rear, only the preload motor needs to be harvested, so only the rear stock shock would need to be sent in to us to complete the conversion

  • Rear shocks feature a "PDS" valve - Position dependent Damping System - Utilizing a secondary piston, this system creates a "pillow" effect designed to progressively increase damping to reduce harsh bottom outs. This feature is normally found only in the top of the line "Extreme" Touratech shocks

  • On most applications, there is the option to replace a failed OEM preload motor with a TracTive Electronic preload motor or TracTive Hydraulic preload motor. This creates an option for those with failing OEM motors to retain all adjusting features on their ESA shocks

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