Customer Testimonials

We get some great emails!


Ted Porter is truly an expert with suspension

I came to him with a question on my R1200GS and he took the time to explain BMW suspension to me and make a recommendation. Ted didn't try and upsell me on things that I didn't need right away. 

5 stars, excellent shop.

J. Anderson

Working with Ted's Beemershop redefines customer service.

My buddy and I both have 2011 BMW F650GS, and we wanted to upgrade the suspension so as to handle a bit more aggressive trail riding, as well as handle heavy panniers on BDR trips. We saw several mentions of Ted's shop on the website and we called Ted up.

Ted subsequently took multiple calls (sorry Ted!), patiently explaining what we needed. We ended up buying the TFX 141 reservoir shock with HPA, and having the shop install Racetech cartridge emulators in the front forks. Ted carefully and patiently collected the information needed to properly spec and set up the components.

Turnaround time was quick. Ted received our forks on Jan 17, and shipped them back just 2 1/2 weeks later. Ted called me to say they had shipped, and proceeded to describe the low/hi speed damping and rebound shock settings he had pre-set according to our weights, and how to properly test ride to fine-tune them. He also mentioned that they had found some corrosion in the front forks and had honed them clean again. Wow...

I think working with Ted's Beemershop redefines customer service. Ted and his staff are always cheerful, incredibly informative, and responsive. It's been a pleasure.

Paul S F650GS 

I couldn’t be happier with the Tractive suspension upgrade and the support I got from Ted and his team at the Beemershop

I ride a 2013 R1200GS LC and had 18,000 miles on the stock ESA shocks. They worked well for me and I didn’t have any issues with performance. However, I’m 5’ 10’ with a 32 in. inseam and spend all my time on the street and touring. I had been looking at options to lower my GS to the factory low suspension height to make it easier to get on and off the bike when on tour with a dry bag across the passenger seat. 

I talked with Ted and I looked at their products at the 2016 BMW national rally in NY. In February ’17, I ordered the TRACTIVE ESA/DDA PLUG & PLAY FRONTAND REAR SET - 25MM LOW and shipped my stock rear shop to Ted to have the ESA motor swapped to the new Tractive rear shock. Turn around was one day and I soon had the new shocks delivered to my door. I installed them in my garage working with the center stand and a bike lift to elevate the front end. 

Ted helped with the remove and install advice and I used a Haynes repair manual for instructions. When I had trouble removing the floating bushing in the rear swing arm, Ted emailed back right away with how to do it. I couldn’t be happier with the Tractive suspension upgrade and the support I got from Ted and his team at the Beemershop. Spring is here in the Midwest and I’ve put 500+ miles on the new suspension. 

I have better matched springs for my weight and riding profile and I love the handling and performance with the Tractive kit! The shocks carry a 5 year warranty, are rebuildable, and seemed like the best solution for my needs. And it feels great to easily get on and off the bike and flat foot my boots on the ground. 



I am very satisfied with the new shocks.

Good morning.. I just wanted to touch base with you guys and let you know that I installed the shocks last week and we took a 200 mile spin on the weekend and the ride was awesome.. my pillion (wife) said it felt 100% better than it had. I just wanted to pass on that I am very satisfied with the new shocks.

Product: TRACTIVE ESA1 PLUG & PLAY FRONT SHOCK / Complete ESA1 Shock Replacement // R1200RT '05-'09


2015 R1200RT Lowered 
What a difference! 

I ride an 2015 R1200RT and I'm 5'5". So the height was a challenge, especially for uneven ground. I am a member of the Motor Maid riding club and ride cross country doing distance treks. I love to ride. I bought my dream bike for doing that kind of riding... and I had my bike's suspension (shocks &springs) "adjusted" by a suspension specialty shop in northern Ontario. It was a disaster! Suffice to say, it was dangerous. I'll spare the details. 

We discovered Ted Porter's Beemer Shop at the BMW Rally this summer. Ted was very patient with my many calls and questions. He's a great teacher with clear explanations which gave me the confidence to try again with lowering the bike. 

WOW!!!! the new suspension changed everything... I love my bike again. Suspension feels like stock again, is solid, allows for great control and all the electronics (ESA) work as they should AND it is the height that works for me. 

Ted Porter has my deepest appreciation for all that he has done to fix the problems created by someone else and gave me back the bike I love to ride at the height I needed!

Joan - Ontario, Canada



Tractive are the best suspension modification I have ever had on a motorcycle. 

Tractive ESA
Hi Ted, I ordered a set of Tractive Shocks (Dynamic ESA) from you (for 2015R1200RT-LC) at the BMWMOA Rally in Hamburg this past year. After the riding season this year (November) I coordinated the process of sending in the rear shock and subsequent shipment of the new Tractive Shocks with Jeff Favorite. He was very easy to work with and provided great customer service. I recently received the new shocks and after installing the rear shock I coordinated the installation of the front shock with Countryside BMW. 

Over the years I have installed and or had numerous motorcycles with modified suspensions. FOX, Works Performance (shows my age lol), Penske (along with the forks both modified by GP Suspension), Wilburs and numerous Ohlins shocks have been installed on my bikes. Without a doubt the shocks from Tractive are the best suspension modification I have ever had on a motorcycle. The suspension is much better than the stock suspension was when it was new. 

At the Rally, Jeff Favorite said the bumps on your favorite bumpy road would basically disappear and they have! At the same time the suspension seems well planted and predictable through the curves. I have done a dozen or so track days over the years, so I enjoy going quickly through the curves and the Tractive suspension seems like it will perform exceptional well at speed. It was 38 degrees when trying out the suspension so I did not push it much through the curves but what I did experience indicated the bike will be a lot of fun next year!! 

Thanks for the great service and great product.
Mokena, IL.


Now that I have a few rides on the new suspension, I am very pleased and glad I made the changes

Tractive Suspension Upgrade

Ted, Now that I have a few rides on the new suspension, I am very pleased and glad I made the changes. The ride is now much smoother on all surfaces and the front tire stays on the pavement when the road gets bumpy in a corner, holding a line perfectly. 

There is a road in the hills that was chip sealed and the tar lines did not cover between them, leaving a corduroy look with ridges that wander along the road. The new suspension all but makes these invisible where the old shocks wobbled over these ridges and made the ride a little spooky. Some of my friends will not even ride here. 

The old rear shock would bounce me out of the seat on a bad pothole and the new one makes the ride much smoother. A bad bump starts with good feedback and melts away instead of getting stiffer and harsh. It is still set on one helmet and I have not bottomed out on the center stand like the old one at the same preload, I had to go to two helmets with the stock shock to keep the right side of the center stand from touching down on a long corner with a bump in the middle. 

I was very deliberate for the first rides to analyzing the ride and even though I thought I was going slower, I ended up going faster with less effort and no drama. I have not tried the Dynamic setting yet as the Road setting is already firmer without being harsh. I want to get a trip soon with luggage to test the different preload settings. A track day is needed to fully test the new fork stand the Dynamic setting. 

Thanks again for your help. 
Regards, Rodney B (R1200RS)


Love the TFX kit on my BMW GSA

My email feedback to Ted and his team at the BeemerShop below: 

Ted!! Just wanted to say a huge thanks and provide feedback after thrashing the TFX front and rear kit on my BMW R1200 GSA - awesome!!!! 

On road I notice the biggest improvements on rough pavement and aggressive cornering, off-road the difference is astounding. Mind blowing even. I had no idea I was bottoming out the front end so much on the stockers and taking areal beating because of it. 

The front end just absorbs and floats over everything I throw at it now, riding confidence level hugely improved. I know many folks are hesitant to take this pig off road and away from tarmac, but surprisingly it is totally doable, even for a small guy like me at 160lbs. 

The TFX suspension makes it so much more enjoyable and frankly easier, as it does all the work instead of your body taking a pounding. Options wise, 3-way adjustable a must in my book, don't let anyone that rides off-road do otherwise. I crank the high speed compression up or down all the time moving on road to off, makes all the difference. I would be compromising too much without high speed compression adjustment IMO. I find the on-road settings too soft for off-road and vice versa. I didn't think I would play much with the adjustment, but wow was I wrong. 

For the extra bucks separate high speed compression adjustment is worth it and really makes the investment even better. Lowering the ride height 1" took getting used to, but glad I did it. Helpful on-road and off. Ego aside it's a better fit for my 5'9" frame now. Rear spring rate at 160Nm perfect with my load rating! Glad I followed your advice. 

Very happy Ted wish I did it sooner!! Cheers!!!!

Shawzy - Ontario, Canada


This shock resolves all of the handling issues on my 2015 BMW GSA

I've got a 2015 BMW GS Adventure, and was experiencing some handling problems where the front would "chatter" through turns, and it was impossible to have confidence in the bike. 

Ted Porter (The Owner) is one of the US's leading experts on Motorcycle suspension, and he has relationships with all of the major manufacturers. I spoke to Ted and he knew immediately what the problem was, and he recommended that we install the Touratech rear shock, with a much heavier spring. Once the installation was completed I rode the bike for about a month to be sure that there were no issues at all. 

After 6 weeks of riding on this engineering masterpiece, I would say that riding the bike now is like riding a completely new and different motorcycle. The handling is much improved, and as I ride over bumps or non-compliant pavement the bike seems to simply gobble it up, never tossing me or letting me feel a negative response to the pavement at all. 

Much of the improvement comes from Ted's understanding of the geometry of the bike. He uses this knowledge to determine the root cause of the problem, and to make sure that he orders/spec's the right size diameter spring for the shock. The shock integrates with the bike's ESA system, and it feels great. I highly recommend this product!

Cliff - Belmont, CA


Hi Ted.

I thought I would give you an update on the performance of the Yacugar shock on the rear of my bike.  After installing the shock I did around 100 kilometres making small adjustments to the settings to get it to a point where I thought it felt best.  I then loaded the bike up for my three week trip around the state of Tasmania, which I have to say is pretty much motorcycle heaven!! 

Apart from adjusting the preload to suit the additional weight I didn't feel the need to make any further adjustments to the rebound or compression settings that I originally dialed in.  The shock has made the world of difference to the handling and performance of the bike. 

My confidence in the handling of the bike and knowing how it will react to varying road surfaces makes riding so much more relaxing.  I spent some time on some gravel roads and found the bike to be much more stable and predictable also.  I have read many people advising that the investment in good shocks on the R1200GS was the best upgrade they had ever made, and I was never too sure how much of that was truth and how much was them trying to justify the investment.  However, having experienced the rear shock update. I can only say that they were right, it was fantastic!  

Thanks do much for all of your help with the rear shock, your understanding of what I was looking for and then being able to translate that into what feels like the perfect shock is very much appreciated! 

Thanks again.


On  Point!
Two words - WAY HAPPY!!! There is so much more road feedback now - it’s no longer lost in the stock gushy shocks. 

C.C. - San Francisco, CA


Hi Ted, Got the new shocks installed and road tested. 

In comparison, can't believe how bad the original shocks were. Thanks for all your help in putting this together.

Phil - Washington

BMW K1200GT ESA replacement 


Finally, the perfect shock!! 

Ted wanted to drop a quick note and say "THANK YOU" for your expertise and assistance getting me a FANTASTIC shock!  You took the time to communicate with me about my former "economy" shock being too long and my seat height issue and gave me EXACTLY what I needed and in a very timely manner as well. 

Just went for a short test ride and the difference is night and day; no more wallowing over bumps and everything just feels balanced and precise. I was apprehensive about getting an overly-heavy spring but you guys nailed it! I'm thinking about Wilber's fork springs as a winter project thing since the Progressive springs are 20 years old now. For now, just time to ride  : ) Thanks again Ted !

Peter B - Maine



I just thought I would get back to you on the work you did for me earlier this year.  As you may recall, you lowered the Yacugar shocks on my 1150gs.  

I think you ended up lowering the bike more than the 3/4 inch we talked about, but whatever you did, all is good.  I have had no more "uh oh" moments with my wife getting on or off and then bike loaded, or stopping on uneven ground. And no problems with clearance or handling. I've been two and loaded on the twistiest roads in the Smokys without touching parts (maybe I am just not aggressive enough!), and spent hours riding highways.

Anyway, it has transformed the bike for me. 
I am now entirely comfortable with the big ox and all thoughts of selling it have been banished. 

Thank you for your help. 

- Tom S.

Yacugar Shocks with1150GS 

I Just wanted to let you know that the Wilber's Fork Springs did the trick!  

I had them installed within a week of receiving them.........Today was mid 40'sand dry, so I was able to get about 200 miles under my belt.  Had the most fun I've had on this bike in years! 

The new Wilbers springs have allowed me to achieve proper sag and fork travel.  Coupled with the Yacugar Shock, the bike now handles superbly and is very confidence inspiring, even on cold, wet roads with gravel lining the middle of every turn.  Feels like a new bike!  So now my wife is wondering why I still want to buy the 1200 Explorer :)    I'm keeping the Tiger as it is still one of my favorite bikes.

Anyway, Thanks for all your help.  I will recommend The Beemershop every chance I get!

Best Regards,

Doug Ellsworth

The GS ride is now far smoother in "comfort" zone Ted, even with 2 up Rating the springs for my 350-500 range really paid off.

Handling is noticeably predictable and confidence inspiring in lively rough twisteez even in "normal" mode and resurrects my old racer skills.

I haven't felt the need to try "sport" nor the opportunity to do off road modes yet, but when I grow up...

Thanks a million to you and the team.


Ted, I couldn't be happier with the Wilbers...just transformed the handling. Your attention to my needs and patience with my questions were superb...some of the best customer service I've ever had. 

Thanks bud!

BMW K1300S

All of you make up the greatest shop on the face of the planet!  

Thanks for always being there for me, doing a fantastic job and keeping my old bike on the road and running great!  It seems like it improves every time I bring it in!

Tex Long 

Ted, I wanted to thank you and your crew for the outstanding customer service I received last Saturday. The Wilbers shocks are amazing. My 011/GS now rides like it is on a rail.  It is incredible that they are so much better than the stock ones which only had 800 mules on them.

Thanks again, 
Dan Gruzd

Ted, you completely surprised me with a phone call last evening

I had to shake my head about how enjoyable you are to deal with. I have been away from the BMW community for 10 years and you are a fantastic! 

I am reminded how much I enjoyed the many quality people in the BMW community. I have very much missed this community of riders.  I'm really enjoying doing business with you. 

Cory Williams. 

Thanks for being so customer service oriented 

Without question when the boys show up on my rides or to hang out in my garage when I mounting up a shock or tuning one of my 6 BMW’s they’ll know you have become my primary supplier of shocks and other parts. 

Darrell P., Prior Lake, MN

Hi Ted,

The Wilbers shock we put on the 06 Suz 1000 V-Strom was excellent! 

I installed Sonic springs on the front to balance the bike out. The bike came out great and the customer is very happy with it.  

Mike Schweitzer,, Wheat Ridge, CO

Thanks again Ted,

I rode with my riding buds Sunday. My R1150RS is like night and day (with new Wilbers shocks). Much more planted, it just rails through the corners and I filled the mirror of an R1200GS and new KTM motard all the way up Hwy 33 out of Ojai.  

You were right, Awesome!
-Jim,  Ojai, CA

Just a quick note on the R1100RS gearbox that you folks refurbished for me.

After completing the swap with the old box and clutch, putting humpty back together again and now, some days and a few hundred miles later, I am dropping you a line to express my pleasure. The bike runs better than the day I got her. the box is clean, clear and precise. No notchiness, no hesitation, nothing but pure joy.

From my experience, your reputation for fine worksmanship has been confirmed, thanks all for your hard work and a job well done.

-Jerry, San Rafael, CA ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­


I just wanted to write a quick note of thanks for taking good care of both myself and my R1100S today. You definitely went the extra mile to get that rear hub bearing installed while I waited. The bike ran like a top, I was able to wind it out a little bit on the way back down to Monterey and it felt like a new bike.

Thanks again!

-Jason L.
2001 R1100S 

I just wanted to respond with an update concerning the products I ordered from you.

I cannot believe the difference they (Wilbers shock and fork springs) made in my bike.  The excessive movement I had from the fork from moderate acceleration and braking are gone, the bike feels far more stable, and the ride is not harsh (which is what I initially feared when installing the new fork springs).  

The only negative with riding that I have found is that my gas mileage has dropped from 42mpg to about 35mpg.  However, I think that statement is the greatest testament to how much the suspension has improved...because I can push the bike that much harder with confidence.

The only real issue that I came across is that Marzocchi changed the design of the forks slightly on the 2007 S2R800; they deleted the spring retaining clip so that the spring now rests against the fork cap and (not feeling that is a big enough change) they shortened the length of the fork.  So, I needed to add a spacer.  No big deal, just an unexpected snag.  The rear shock was real easy to install. 

I also wanted to thank you for your prompt and helpful services.  As far as I am concerned, you
bent over backwards to help me out, and I really appreciate it. 

-Ed K.
Ducati Monster S2R 800


It (Wilbers shock order) was delivered in perfect shape. I appreciate all that the BeemerShop has done. I will be installing it this weekend and testing it directly after. 

I am so glad that I was given your shops name over at Adventure Rider Forums. 

They were right, Ted is a big help.

Thanks again.

-Michael S., Tacoma, WA
2002 R1150GS


Great experience with your shop yesterday and what a wonderful ride home on my new Wilbers(shocks).  I noticed their positive effect immediately, as I descended route 17 at high warp speed.

You have a marvelous operation there; a dream-come-true really for a guy who has been looking for such a place forever.  Only complaint:  more chairs for the guys who like to sit around and talk motorcycling!

Really, I've been looking for an enthusiast's enthusiast-tech for 20 years, and I have found him in you. 

-Sam T., Sonoma, Ca.

The Wilbers Suspension Units I got from you are just great!

I went for an aggressive ride on some curves and hills where the pavement quality is sometimes much less than ideal…. the Wilbers make a mockery of the bumps, uneven pavement, frost heaves, cracks, tar patches, etc. 

What a difference in drama level or more specifically the lack thereof when leaned over in a bumpy curve. I can only assume that the smoother ride will hold me in good stead on long days in the saddle too.

Thanks for all your help,

-Dan M.
'99 BMW R1100S, Washington, IL

I just want to thank Ted Porter of the Beemer Shop for personally helping me avert a trip-ending problem with an oil leak on my GS. Although a minor oil filler gasket leak, the bike was pumping out oil and it would have ruined my trip.

It was pretty amazing actually. I detoured about 50 miles out of my way past several factory dealers knowing that Ted would help and he took the time from his busy day to get me on my way. It took Ted about 5 minutes to repair the problem and send me on my way. He even pressure cleaned the cylinder head for me.

I am not sure that I would get the same service from the dealer.

-Clay H.
2000 1150 GS

Hi Ted,

Here's a photo of me flat footing my 2016 R1200GS-LC for the first time after installing the Tractive front and rear shocks with the 1 inch lower than stock version.

I have already ridden 250 miles in both on and off road and the shocks feel great with no apparent loss in performance from less travel.

Thanks for the great service Ted!

Russ W.
Fort Worth, TX