We currently offer the following services:

  • Shock Rebuilding and Custom Tuning (revalving, spring replacement, shock dyno) for all of the shock brands we sell. 
  • Service, Tuning and Upgrades for most forks, as well.

When sending shocks and forks to Beemershop:

  • Please include a printed copy of the Suspension Service Form with your shock or fork.  Download Suspension Service Request Form
  • Please package them well, and use UPS or Fedex. We love the Postal Service for smaller and lighter items, but they are not recommended for heavier items such as suspension components.
  • We recommend that you insure the package for replacement value, we will do the same when we return your component to you!
  • We will contact you with an estimate for your approval before any work is performed. After your approval you will be placed in our service queue where you can see our approximate turn-around time, and track your progress in the queue located on this page.
We no longer offer General Motorcycle Service. 
See our list of  General Service Referrals  in the San Francisco Bay area.

Thank you for trusting Beemershop with all your suspension needs!