How to Package Components

Don't let this happen to you! These components were damaged while en route to us, due to improper packaging;

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Here are a few tips for preparing to send your heads to Beemershop:

    1) We don't need your rocker arms, pushrods or valve covers.

    2) Please leave your heads assembled. Having all the parts in their original locations can help with our analysis of how your heads are doing, plus we will need the valve spring hardware.

    3) Include your exhaust nuts if you want them to be as pretty as the heads will be. Dirty exhaust nuts can look rather ugly next to cylinder heads which will look like new when we're finished with them.

    4) Please consider purchasing your assembly parts from us. We stay in business by selling parts and can supply everything you need to reassemble your top end at competitive pricing. Plus, we are experts in our field and can make sure you are purchasing the items you need and not the items you don't need.

    5) Please include a note in the box with your name and contact information including your email address. Tell us why you are sending the heads in, and what parts you need for reassembly. We can't remember a previous phone conversation or email that you may have sent us in the past.

    6) You do not need to call first, just send the heads to us and we will respond with an estimate after we inspect them.


    1) The key to making sure your heads will arrive undamaged is to keep them away from each other, and away from the top, bottom or sides of the box. Ideally you would put each head in its own box, then put those two boxes in a larger box. Put the heads in the box head gasket surface down. Don't lay them on their sides which can cause fin damage.

    2) Put balled up newspaper and/or pieces of cardboard in the individual boxes as well as the larger box. Use bubble wrap if you have it. You want at least two inches of space between the heads and the outer box. After you're done, pick up the box and shake it, making sure that the heads don't move around inside the box. You don't want them to become projectiles.

    Don't use styrofoam peanuts. The worst damage we've seen is when the heads were just dropped into a box with styrofoam peanuts, they don't work with heavy objects plus they are a mess to dig out of the cylinder fins.

    Don't use a plywood box. We have seen more damage with plywood boxes once the heads get loose and the fins slam into the plywood. I also believe that UPS is harder on plywood boxes because they are heavier and less comfortable for the handler.

    3) UPS states that your heads should survive a three foot drop. After you're done packing them, are you comfortable holding the box in front of you three feet off the ground and dropping it? If so, good job. Now ask yourself if the heads will survive if you kick the box across the floor. 😊

    4) Put the shipping label on the top of the box. If you put it on the side of the box, the box will get flipped over so the label is pointing up.

Return Shipping Box:

We cannot guarantee that we will hold onto your shipping box while your component is being refurbished. We reserve the right to re-use your box or provide a new box for return shipping of your component. Here’s why:


  1. We get multiple boxes every day. It would be impossible for us to keep every customer’s box for return shipping.
  2. The return packaging must meet our standards. We want to make sure your cherished component makes it back to you damage free. We have a lot of experience shipping components and many of the boxes we receive from our customers are too small for adequate protection.
  3. Many carriers will deny a damage claim if they deem that a box was being used a second time and that it did not have the structural integrity to hold up to a second round of shipping abuse.

For these reasons you may get your old box back or you may not. Thank you for your understanding.

Shipping companies:  Please ship via UPS.

We love Priority Mail for smaller and lighter items, but please do not use Priority Mail for your cylinder heads.

Fedex is also good but they deliver to us later in the day so you will lose one day of in the shop time by using Fedex.

Shipping Insurance:

Ask yourself what size check you want UPS to write you if they call to inform you that your box is missing and considered lost. It's rare, but it has happened. Insurance is cheap, please ask for it. If you want to value the shipment for brand new replacement heads, consider about $2000.00 worth of insurance for the pair including valves and hardware. If you would be happy with a good used set of replacement heads, figure about $1200.00/pair including rebuilding costs. Don't worry, we receive and ship many heads every week of the year with no problems but you should make sure you're covered.