TracTive X-TREME Fork Cartridge Kit (-20mm low) / Tiger 900 Rally Pro '20-On

TracTive X-TREME Fork Cartridge Kit (-20mm low) / Tiger 900 Rally Pro '20-On

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Please see our lowering shocks, which are required when installing lowering fork springs on a standard height bike.
Choose either the X-CITE-PA or the X-TREME-PA.

This top of the line Tiger 900 Rally Pro fork cartridge kit fits into the fork legs without modifications to the fork. The cartridge is closed, meaning that the cartridge is like a separate, pressurized shock absorber inside the fork with its own damping fluid for optimal performance.


These products were originally developed in close cooperation with adventure riders, world travelers and rally riders. The products have proven their value over the years: hugely improving off-road performance while retaining comfort for on and off road use. This is largely due to the huge size of the damping piston at 35mm in diameter. This size of piston is the largest of all aftermarket suspension providers. Apart from a high oil flow, this piston size allows for stable and well-controlled damping behavior. The size of the internal bore also allows the use of electronic systems on Dynamic Damping models, and the cartridges were also further developed for use in road racing.


This cartridge design has proven to be reliable and finely tunable. Every cartridge can be easily opened and serviced, or the damping can be tuned for the customer’s application. Spring rate, spring preload and air chamber are easily modified and there is a wide range of springs available to suit every load and riding condition. The fork retainer cap at the top of the fork provides easy access to the adjusters, and contains a deaeration screw to equalize pressure buildup which can be common in telescopic fork systems. At the end of the stroke there is a hydraulic anti-bottoming system which prevents hard bottoming over large impacts. The adjusters provide 20 clicks of damping adjust and 12mm of preload adjust.

Comes with:

  • Fork cartridge fully assembled and ready to drop into right fork tube.
  • Fork oil.
  • Fork adjusting tool.
  • Fork cap tool.

Additional Notes:

Fork oil is just for lubrication, cartridge is sealed, closed, and runs its own oil.

Fork tubes will protruding above the top triple clamp by 5mm.

Tractive recommended air chamber is 100mm for general use. Air chamber is the measurement of the oil level to the top of the tube with spring removed and fork fully compressed.

Available in standard height and 20mm lowering.

While professional installation is recommended, owner installation is possible if you have experience with cartridge forks.

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