GS-911 Wifi OBD-II for 2017-On Models

GS-911 Wifi OBD-II for 2017-On Models

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Price: $399.00

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BMW Diagnostic tool 
With HEX Cloud functionality for Android & iOS
Designed by HEX Code

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This version is designed to be used with 2017-on models that have an OBD-II diagnostic connector.  It is also backwards compatible with all previous models with a 10-Pin diagnostic connector when used in conjunction with the female OBD-II adaptor cable. 

Enthusiast & Professional license options:

Enthusiast Version
 will allow Emergency functionality (read and clear fault codes, view real time data) on an unlimited number of bikes. However, it is limited to 10 VIN's for Service functions such as resetting service reminders yet can be upgraded online to Professional once the limit is reached.  

Professional Version 
allows both Service & Emergency functionality on an unlimited number of VINs.

The GS-911 is a diagnostic tool for BMW Motorcycles.  It is a specialized tool consisting of a unique software and hardware combination that allows the BMW motorcycle enthusiast the ability to communicate with the control modules in a safe and controlled manner.  Use the GS-911 to read and clear Diagnostic Fault Codes, show ECU Information, reset Service Reminders, perform Component Function Tests and even Recalibrate Idle Actuation! The intelligent electronic interface works in combination with Windows PC software and is also available as mobile software. 
Visit GS911USA.COM to learn more...

The GS-911 wifi has support for USB & WiFi connectivity and is compatible with the GS-911 Windows™ PC software. It also provides Emergency functionality and Cloud-based Service functionality for mobile devices (typically iPhone, iPad and Android devices) using a web interface.  

MAC USERS: The full program is available on the HEXcode Cloud, via your web browser and a wifi router with internet connection. To run the PC software without using a web interface, you will need to install Parallels or Apple's Bootcamp.


  R nineT  2017-on
  R nineT Pure  2017-on
  R nineT Scrambler  2016-on
  R nineT Racer 2017-on
  R nineT Urban G/S  2017-on
  R1200GS/GSA LC   2017-on
  R1200R/RT/RS LC  2017-on
  R1250GS/GSA LC 2018-on
  R1250R/RT/RS LC 2018-on
  K1600GT 2017-on
  K1600GTL  2017-on
  K1600 Bagger 2017-on
  S1000RR 2017-on
  S1000R  2017-on
  S1000XR 2017-on
  F800GS/GSA 2016-on
  F800GT 2017-on
  F800R  2017-on
    F850GS/GSA 2018-on
  F700GS 2017-on
  F750GS 2018-on
  G310GS  2017-on
  G310R  2016-on

When used in conjunction with the female OBD-II adaptor this product is also backward compatible and supports ALL previous models of BMW motorcycles (1998-2016) that have round 10-pin diagnostic connectors, below:

  R1100S all years
  R1150GS all years
  R1150GS Adventure all years
  R1150R all years
  R1150RS all years
  R1150RT all years
  R1200C all years
  R1200CL all years
  R1200GS thru 2016
  R1200GS Adventure thru 2016
  R1200R  thru 2016
  R1200RT thru 2016
  R1200RS LC thru 2016
  R1200S all years
  R1200ST all years
  R850C all years
  RnineT thru 2016
  HP2 Enduro all years
  HP2 Megamoto all years
  HP2 Sport all years
  K1200GT all years
  K1200LT all years
  K1200R all years
  K1200R Sport all years
  K1200RS all years
  K1200S all years
  K1300GT all years
  K1300R all years
  K1300S all years
  K1600GT thru 2016
  K1600GTL  thru 2016
  F650CS all years
  F650GS (Single) all years
  F650GS (Twin Cyl.) all years
  F650GS Dakar  all years
  F700GS thru 2016
  F800GS thru 2015
  F800GS Adventure thru 2015
  F800GT thru 2016
  F800R thru 2016
  F800S all years
  F800ST all years
  G650GS thru 2016
  G650GS Sertão all years
  G650 Xchallenge all years
  G650 Xcountry all years
  G650 Xmoto all years
  G450X all years
  C600 Sport thru 2015
  C650GT thru 2016
  S1000RR thru 2016
  S1000RR HP4 thru 2016
  S1000XR thru 2016
  S1000R thru 2016
  Nuda 900 2011 - 2014
  Nuda 900 R 2011 - 2014
  TR650 Strada 2012 - 2014
  TR650 Terra 2012 - 2014

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Just what I needed!
4 out of 5
EA Rider
Location: Pacific NW
Date: September 5, 2018
I bought a 2015 K16 with no warranty, and wouldn't you know it murphy's law strikes 2 days later. I get a check engine light and have no clue what to do about it. Never owned a BMW bike before. After a lot of sleuthing around on the internet i had a few guesses as to what it would be but I also discovered tools like this. Just this morning after I received it and got it working, it told me exactly what I had suspected might be the case but provided specifics and far more. It's a wonderful tool and has saved me some grief over guessing what the problem is, now on to the matter of spending money to fix the issues it found. I do dock it a point or two for not allowing full capabilities on anything other than a PC, the world is evolving and has macs and mobile devices in it. There's no reason to not provide some method to at least work on a mac laptop or iPhone fully.