Wilbers Zero Friction Progressive Fork Springs / F800GS '13-'18 and GSA '13-'18

Wilbers Zero Friction Progressive Fork Springs / F800GS '13-'18 and GSA '13-'18

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Wilbers Zero Friction Progressive Fork Springs have several advantages over linear fork springs for long travel adventure bike forks due to their two stage design. The first stage is 5.0 N/mm which is same as stock but it increases in rate by 20% as it compresses up to 6.0 N/mm to provide better chassis control during weight transfer such as when riding down a steep decline or under heavy braking, while still providing good compliance over the small bumps. 

For more hard off road riding where an overall increase in both stages is needed see our Yacugar heavy fork spring.

Don't forget to order Fork Oil! You will need 2 Liters. The 2013-on WP fork uses a very thin fork oil, we recommend 2.5 wt  Motorex, our part number 580-0520 which is similar in viscosity to our Maxima 5 weight fork oil which will also work. Using heavier fork oils such as the BMW recommended "Type 2" oil will result in a very harsh ride on this particular WP fork. 

Pump the damper rod several times to expel all air and set the air chamber to 70mm. The air chamber is simply the distance from the oil level up to the top of the fork tube with the spring removed and the fork fully compressed.

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