Wilbers Zero Friction Progressive Fork Springs R100GS-PD '88-On

Wilbers Zero Friction Progressive Fork Springs R100GS-PD '88-On

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Wilbers two stage fork spring kit solves an inherent problem with the BMW R100PD fork.

BMW uses the same fork springs for the standard R100GS as they do in the PD models despite the heavier fuel tank load caused by the larger PD fuel tank. Wilbers corrects this problem with their fork spring kit designed specifically for the R100-PD model. 

The original BMW fork spring is only 4.5 N/mm which may be a good starting rate for the standard R100GS with its smaller tank, but it's too light for the larger PD. The Wilbers kit for the PD starts at a more reasonable 5.2 N/mm and after about 130mm of fork compression it gradually engages a 7.80 N/mm stage built into the springs which greatly reduces nosedive and prevents rapid compression over the rought stuff. You have the benefit of a comfortable compliant ride with reduced chassis movement and less bottoming off road. 

Don't forget the Fork Oil!  You will need 1 Liter of 10wt oil for these springs. See options at the bottom of this page to order oil.

Please note:

10 wt is considered a good starting point for this non-adjustable fork. Once you determine which side is compression and which is rebound you can alter the viscosity to suit conditions and preferences.

Air chamber is 160mm with springs removed and forks completely compressed.

Instructions for setting air chamber: 


1) Remove fork spring and drain old oil. 

2) Compress fork fully with spring removed.
3)  Add oil until oil level is the prescribed distance from the top of the tube - this is your air chamber.
Piston rods should be pumped several times to dispel any remaining air before final measurement is made.

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