Yacugar Fork Springs / Progressive Fork Springs / F800GS '13-'18 and F800GSA '13-'18

Yacugar Fork Springs / Progressive Fork Springs / F800GS '13-'18 and F800GSA '13-'18

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YACUGAR HEAVY DUTY FRONT FORK SPRINGS / Progressive Fork Springs // For the BMW F800GS & GSA '13-On

The stock spring rate in this bike's fork is 5.0 N/mm and it is known for being too soft with bottoming problems and lots of nosedive during braking, especially off road. These Yacugar heavy duty fork springs start at 5.6 N/mm for an 11% increase in starting rate, the second stage ramps up to 7.5 N/mm providing a high resistance to nosedive and bottoming, especially when riding off road. Two stage progressive fork springs are very useful on long travel adventure bikes, especially when you have no damping adjusters.

For more compliance on the street or when a stiffer first stage is not desired, check out our Wilbers fork springs 600-0435-00 which start at the same rate as stock but ramp up to 6.0 N/mm in the second stage reducing nosedive while still providing a nice ride quality.

Don't forget to order Fork Oil! You will need 2 Liters. This 2013-on WP fork uses a very thin fork oil, we recommend 2.5 wt  Motorex, our part number 3609-0083 or our Maxima 5 wt which has the same centistoke rating. We do not recommend the BMW  "Type 2" fork oil which is too thick at 11.5 weight. Using heavier fork oils will result in a harsh ride on this particular fork. 

Pump the damper rod several times to expel all air and set the air chamber to 70mm. The air chamber is simply the distance from the oil level up to the top of the fork tube with the spring removed and the fork fully compressed.

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